updated to version 0.21 (some bugs removed)

03-21-2002: I have worked out Netrunner 2. I know I know I’m a lazy person.
This time there are no significant improvements, but a more polished interface.
For me the coolest thing is the new icon, but some other new features:

– New interface
– New bugs (the old ones have been crunched)
– You can modify the advanced options of the redirector (that was easy)
– You can connect with default credentials, or use specific ones (not sure if
this works)
– You can explore your network (not really)
– And the cool new icon (again)

Netrunner 2

08-25: There are some bad news. Regarding the PocketPC 2000 version,
it looks like there is no way. The networking API I mentioned will work only
on Windows CE 2.0 devices, thus on Palm-sized PCs it will do, but never on PocketPCs.
So I’m sorry, but there won’t be a netrunner version for poor old Casios and
Jornadas. The reason is Microsoft removed not only the DLLs from the PocketPC,
but also other hooks which are necessary to integrate them in the system. Ultimately,
they won’t work. I can only say ‘sorry’ for the failure of these versions.

08-22:The cab file for iPaq was corrupt. I have fixed it, sorry for the

08-21:I have found out something pretty interesting. It turns out that
there is a way to access remote files through shared folders, without using
any third party software like Vieka Net explorer (not available anymore due
to legal problems) or Pocket LanCE. .
This software allows you to access remote folders, but only in a file transfer
fashion, which is not that espectacular. You cannot directly access the files,
and that’s why you cannot listen those MP3 directly, having to copy them before
to your PDA or use something different like HTTP streaming. The real thing would
be to open them directly, just like desktop PCs can do. The only route to this
is called mapped folders, and up to now there is no software available capable
of doing it. Why?
Ok, I’ll explain my workaround now. Since version 2.0 WinCE can access remote
folders, through the networking API. But as we know this feature has never been
present in Pocket PCs. It simply didn’t fit in the ROM (I don’t know the real
reasons of Microsoft for doing this but for sure they were absolutely wrong).
It can be downloaded at
. But it’s included in the builds which need it, so no need to download
it apart. This networking API is now included in PPC2002, but still there is
no mapping capabilities. As always, Microsoft leaving everything half-done sad
However, in this case the only thing needed is a small interface to the API,
because the mapping feature is there.
And what happens with old Pocket PC devices? Easy. Microsoft has always offered
the networking API in MSDN, ready to be installed in any Pocket PC. Surprised?
Me too! But this is something I haven’t tried yet and cannot promise anything.
I’m studying it.

So I have coded this small applet called NetRunner, which is free of course,
which maps the remote folders to local names. Once mapped, the remote folders
are accessed through a system folder called network. The OS treats this folder
as if it was a Storage Card, and from now on all the programs you have installed
in your device, will be able to open those remote files. It’s easy, look at
the capture!

Download Netrunner v0.1


To install simply copy the cab file to your PDA and tap on it.

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